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Rizhao Lanshan Port caisson moving case
Rizhao Lanshan Port caisson moving case

One  caisson is heavy 3000t,and there were a lot of caissons.It is a successful project case that make us famous in the field of caisson moving .Not only do we have a  great team of excellent workers,but also our airbags' high quality.


 Introduction of the caissons:

  Heavy: 3100T            Length: 15M          Width: 22M         Moving distance: 230M    

  Lifting airbags: 4 pieces          Moving airbags: 7 pieces


                                      Airbags are ready                                                                  Airbags are full of gas



                                                Moving···                                                                                    Moving···



                                                                                          Getting on ship

Airbag specification and performance
The bearing capacity at work pressure is calculated as follows:
Where: Q—Bearing capacity of airbag;
p--Work pressure of airbag;
S--Frontal projected area of contact surface.
The width, B, of the airbag’s contact with a heavy object or ground when the airbag is pressed to certain height, H, (See Fig. 7) can be calculated according to the following equation:

                                        Specifications Air-bags for Marine Use

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