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Floating out of sea
Floating out of sea

1、Out of sea

For salvage "nanhai Ⅰ number" tailor of open caisson arrived in salvage the site, hoisting the ship "huatian dragon" will follow up, and in "nanhai Ⅰ date" get around position, broke down eight party, installation location pile, these work anchor altogether 8, each is 800 metres long, and eight Angle has strict regulations. "Huatian dragon" is like a huge sea spiders, firmly ground nailed on the sea. Then open caisson launching set of live "south China sea Ⅰ number. It is reported, open caisson placed on top of more than the huge concrete clot to open caisson sink. In open caisson was finished, homework personnel began to clear dig in open caisson on both sides of the silt, through the bottom beam through, and the bottom of the open caisson sealed, at this time, change of open caisson caisson. Steel beam at the bottom of the balloon, the main function of the air is to protect the caissons smoothly, and the role of caisson up to water, the same as time in the water, and transferred to the caisson semi-submersible barge and "crystal palace" act as pulley, and reduce the friction. According to the requirements, the beam through open caisson, the basket should be a relatively seal of space. How to do this? WangRenYi said, under the beam in hydraulic board, through after the completion of the bottom beam upwards crest, so shut the caisson.  


Through the beam finished, hoisting began. In hoisting "nanhai number", first caisson to help float, help floating gasbag will be more than 1.5 meters in diameter. Construction personnel will not inflatable airbag evenly installed in caissons were all around. In "nanhai date" for when it caisson, construction workers and will balloon enough gas to help floating gasbag will have a great of buoyancy, with the dragon hoisting up together to huatian caisson moved to dive into the water under the semi-submersible barge. From place to hang caisson immediately and semi-submersible barge cooperation; By security and accurate catch a caisson semi-submersible barge deck right after the installation reinforcement pieces. Then semi-submersible barge rise, open caisson all out of the water, with the advance of the front tug, one to two days "nanhai number" to "crystal palace".

3、Hua Tian Long

With the caisson also comes into play will be equally high-profile "Asia first crane" huatian dragon boat salvage operations. The guangzhou DaLaoJu deputy chief engineer WuJianCheng says, "huatian dragon" can accommodate 300 people live on, and ensure that the 300 people in 2 months of need not supply. "Huatian dragon" after consign is used and can produce huge benefits but also people concern about. The guangzhou DaLaoJu chief ChenBei first said, "huatian dragon" about 5 years to recover the investment. WuJianCheng told a reporter, "huatian dragon" in the present world turn in all using crane, the lifting capacity of about 4000 tons in the sixth row; In the world of the first Italian using crane, is to use two sets duel crane, the crane can lift the weight per machine for 6000 tons.


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