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Yokohama fenders for ship to ship

Nanhai airbag manufactures  Yokohama Pneumatic Fender with our airbag technology in compliance with ISO 17357-2002 standards. Our Yokohama Pneumatic Fender is ideal for permanent and semi-permanent port applications as well as for offshore ship-to-ship transfers, being fast and easy to deploy and providing reliable protection to vessels.


Pneumatic Yokohama fender Specifications:
The guaranteed energy absorption of floating pneumatic yokohama fenders are the energy absorption at 60% deflection. This value can be use in engineering design and actual operation. Table gives the sizes, weights and technical performance of floating-type pneumatic rubber fenders.


Major Strengths of  Pneumatic Yokohama fender:
1,High safety level: can stand maximum pressure up to 4 times that of the operating pressure.
2, Easy maintenance: just need inflation once every six months.
3,Low transportation cost: can be deflated and folded for transportation, thus saving about two thirds of the transportation cost.
4,Long lifespan: it is guaranteed that our fenders can be used for over 10 years under normal conditions.


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