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Marine airbag
Ship launching airbag
Ship Launching Airbags called marine airbags Nanhai Airbag is an excellentMarine Airbag Manufacturer...
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caisson moving airbag
We have finished many successful caisson moving caseswhich makevery important effect in the field of ai...
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Refloating salvaging airbag an
salvage airbag and buoyancy airbags Since 2008, we have been developing and manufacturing various buoyancy...
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Lifting airbag
Widely used in the field of building industry.Put airbas under the heavy caisson,then fill in gas and the cai...
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Rubber inflatable mandrel
Rubber inflatable mandrel is to strengthen the layer of vulcanized rubber and fiber products made ​​with high tensi...
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Pipe Tamper
Pipe Tamper The blockage is used for water distribution, sewage pipeline maintenance , clogging the flow of the pi...
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