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Rib Type Pneumatic Fenders
Rib Type Pneumatic Fenders

Rib type pneumatic fender
Rib Type Pneumatic Fender

With a new design, rib type fenders are less expensive, lighter in weight and provide better protection of the fender body.

Also the protection of the body is better than what is found in ordinary body only configuration. The Ribbed Pneumatic Fender will be a superb alternative when weight, price and flexibility in use are your main objectives.

All Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders comply with ISO17357:2002


Drawings of Ribbed Type Pneumatic Fenders:

 Major Strengths Of Our Pneumatic Fenders:
● High safety level: our pneumatic fenders can stand the maximum pressure up to 4 times that of the operating pressure.
● Easy maintenance: our fenders just need inflation once every six months.
● Low transportation cost: our fenders can be deflated and folded for transportation, thus saving about two thirds of the transportation cost.
● Long lifespan: it is guaranteed that our fenders can be used for over 10 years under normal conditions.

Characteristics of floating pneumatic fenders:
1.Safety and Reliability
Using compressed air as damping medium,the rubber fender can transform flexibly under pressure,with large contact area,small reaction and absorb large amount of energy.
2.Safe for excess load
When berthing,the ship is almost at a certain angle,the pneumatic rubber fender can realize contact in a certain angle by bringing full play to its performance.
3.Adaptable to the tide
Floating on the water surface,even the ship fluctuate and sway resulting from ebb and flow and waves,the pneumatic rubber fender bears less friction,which would be no harm to coating surface of ship and rubber fender.
4.Simple installation
The weight of floating pneumatic fenders are supported by water on which it floats, therefore, the floating pneumatic fenders can be simply installed on the wharf and anchor mast. 

 rib type pneumatic fender

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