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pneumatic rubber fenders yokohama marine fender with ISO 17357
pneumatic rubber fenders yokohama marine fender with ISO 17357

pneumatic rubber fenders yokohama marine fender with ISO 17357

Nanhai manufactures pneumatic rubber fenders with airbag technology in compliance with ISO 17357-2002 standards. Our fenders are ideal for permanent and semi-permanent port applications as well as for offshore ship-to-ship transfers, being fast and easy to install and providing reliable protection to vessels.


Major Strengths Of Our Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

● High safety level: our pneumatic fenders can stand the maximum pressure up to 4 times that of the operating pressure.
● Easy maintenance: our fenders just need inflation once every six months.
● Low transportation cost: our fenders can be deflated and folded for transportation, thus saving about two thirds of the transportation cost.
● Long lifespan: it is guaranteed that our fenders can be used for over 10 years under normal conditions.


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The Construction Feature Of Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Pneumtic fender shall consist of an out rubber,casing ply , and inner rubber,end flange.
      *The out rubber are used to protect the cord layers and inner rubber from abrasion and other external forces. This rubber compound have sufficient tensile and tear resistance strength to withstand anticipated weather conditions and severe usage.
     *The reinforcement synthetic-tyre-cord layer named casing ply strong enough to maintain the internal air pressure of the fender.
     *The inner rubber layer seals the pressurized air inside the fender
     *Pneumatic Fenders of diameter 2500mm and larger equipped with safety valve for releasing excess internal pressure when the fenders are over-compressed accidentally.

The properties requirements of outer and inner rubber material of floating pneumatic fenders comply with ISO 17357:2002.
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Pneumatic  Fender's Type

net type pneumatic fender  rib type pneumatic fender  sling type pneumatic fender
   Net Type Pneumatic Fender              Rib Type Pneumatic Fender         Sling Type Pneumatic Fender


Pressure requirements of Pneumatic Rubber Fenders

Nanhai Airbag makes  pneumatic fender with 50kPa (pneumatic 50) and 80kPa (pneumatic 80) initial pressure. The internal pressure, endurable pressure, safety-valve setting pressure and hydraulic test pressure are also in compliance with the requirements of ISO 17357:2002.

Pneumatic Rubber Fenders Performance and size

The performance of floating pneumatic fenders shall be specified in terms of Guaranteed Energy Absorption (GEA), Reaction Force at GEA deflection, and Hull Pressure at GEA deflection,Safety Valve Setting Pressure,Testing Pressure and Weight of net type. 



NANHAI AIRBAG of Pneumatic Fenders

pneumatic fenders     pneumatic rubber fenders


SHANDONG NANHAI AIRBAG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD floating pneumatic  fenders are manufactured and third party (ISO, LR, BV, CCS) certified in compliance with ISO 17357:2002.
To see more infomation about pneumatic fender cliked here. 

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