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ship marine rubber floating pneumatic yokohama fenders specification and sizes
ship marine rubber floating pneumatic yokohama fenders specification and sizes

ship marine rubber floating pneumatic yokohama fenders

Nanhai Airbag is one of the world largest manufacturers of ship marine pneumatic yokohama fenders - all supplied to ISO 17357 standard.  In addition to,Yokohama floating fenders, we are able to offer a wide variety of sizes and specification to meet your needs from baby floating pneumatic yokohama fenders to large dimension.Our own brand of Nanhai No.1 marine pneumatic yokohama fenders.


Floating Pneumatic Yokohama Fender--NANHAI AIRBAG
 Standard: According to ISO 17357:2014
 Certificate: CCS, LR, ABS,DNV,SGS,BV,GL
 Construction Features: 1. Outer Rubber; 2.Inner Rubber; 3Synthetic-tire-cord. 

Major Strengths Of Nanhai Airbag Pneumatic Fenders:
● High safety level: our pneumatic fenders can stand the maximum pressure up to 4 times that of the operating pressure.
● Easy maintenance: our fenders just need inflation once every six months.
● Low transportation cost: our fenders can be deflated and folded for transportation, thus saving about two thirds of the transportation cost.
● Long lifespan: it is guaranteed that our fenders can be used for over 10 years under normal conditions.

Our Service
We bring the benefit of importance marine and maritime.We offer the high quality service to all fenders customers,working with them to ensure that they obtain the best-fit, best value product to suit their yokohama fendering needs.
Over the past decade,Nanhai Airbag was built on our ability to provide best in class ship fendering solutions to our clients. We are not only a processing factory which looks to sell marine rubber fenders on with a margin,but also we are via our ship-to-ship service, one of the world largest operator of yokohama pneumatic fenders.
In addition to Pneumatic Yokohama floating fenders, we are  able to offer ribbed type floating  fenders and sling pneumatic rubber fender along with a broad range of fixed fenders and vessel fendering systems.

 floating pneumatic rubber fender

Advantages of Yokohama fender:
*Absorb more energy,less reverse impact on the ships
*More flexible ,easy installation
*Long term service life
*Not being bent out of shape under pressure
*Good air tightness,safety and reliability
*High shock absorption,low counterforce and enhance port ability
*Produce according to ISO17357:2002 completely
*Many different sizes and shape available
*Durable, practical and economical
*Good quality have been checked by many buyers
*Optional tire and chain,can provide chain with hot galvanizing or stainless   steel(304,312,316)
*Optional end fittings for the better suitable of applications


Marine Floating Pneuamtic Yokohama Fenders Specification and Sizes  – Pneumatic 50/80
ISO 17357 is now firmly established within the marine industry as the international standard for the manufacture, testing and performance of pneumatic rubber fenders.

 marine floating yokohama pneumatic fender



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