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Floating pneumatic fender marine rubber fenders with ISO 17357
Floating pneumatic fender marine rubber fenders with ISO 17357

Floating pneumatic fender marine rubber fenders with ISO 17357


NANHAI AIRBAG is one of leading manufacturer of Peumatic  Fender in China.
NANHAI AIRBAG Pneumatic  Fenders are manufactured and teste in accordance with ISO17357.


Pneumatic Fender Information


Pneumatic Fender which is made of synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it tofloat on the water and work as a shock absorber between two ships or between ships and berthing structures when they come alongside each other on the water.

Marine rubber fender also called pneumatic fender, rubber fender, yokohama fender, made by rubber & multi layer of rubber-dipped tyre fabric, is a leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world today.


Advantages of our pneumatic fender


High quality rubber and high tensile synthetic fiber are used
No-model vulcanization and surround pasting formation process
Through the experimental verification according with GB/T 21482-2008 standards
High energy absorption and low reaction force
Good slant contact adaptability
Floating on the water, applicable for swaying ships


Floating Pneuamtic  Fenders Specification and Sizes


Manufactured as per ISO 17357 with 0.5 kg/cm2 and 0.8 kg/cm2 internal pressure, these Fenders are extensively used for ship to ship transfers at mid sea, as well as vessel to berth at dock/jetty.



Our Services 


Founded in 2003, Nanhai Airbag is a full-service provider of airbags and pneumatic fenders, covering R&D, manufacture and distribution. Our airbag products are used for ship launching, buoyancy, and heavy lifting and moving with remarkable advantages over traditional steel-based methods.

1)We will give reply within 24 hours   
2) lifelong after-sale service    
1.Material: natural rubber +Synthetic-tyre-cord layer for reinforcement
2.MOQ: 1PC   
3.Life span: 6-10 years.    
4.Guaranty period: 2 years.   
5.ISO9001 certificate(according to ISO17357) and CCS etc. certificate.
6.Factory with decades years' experience.  
7.We will give Installation and maintenance Manual 


Our marine rubber pneumatic fenders


pneumatic fender


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