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Floating Assistant Tool - RUBBER PONTOON
Floating Assistant Tool - RUBBER PONTOON

The engineering rubber pontoons can also be utilized as floating assistant tools for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates and other floating structures.


salvage pontoon


Rubber Pontoon Advantages:

• Sufficient lift capacity in buoyancy : from 1~200 tons.
• Suitable for deepwater salvage activities.
• Good puncture and abrasion resistant ability and a good air tightness ability.
• Unique nylon wrapped nets for preventing pontoon slipping away and for pontoon recovery during offshore applications.
• Durable, versatile and easy to use.


Rubber Pontoon Quality Assurance:

• ISO9001:2008 by BV certificate.
• Comply with IMCA D 016 Rev 3 - June 2007 guidelines.
• Safe working ratio at 6:1
• Equipped with all the necessary hardware and ready for immediate application.         
• Pressure relief safety valves at both ends to avoid overpressure.
• Each pontoon is tested prior to shipping.


Rubber Pontoon Specification



Rubber Pontoon Certification




Shandong Nanhai Airbag Engineering Co., Ltd., foundered in 2003, is a leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of engineering inflatable rubber pontoons. Our rubber pontoons have been used as buoyancy assistant tools in ship salvages, underwater wreck removal, offshore jacket installation and other underwater construction projects.

Reasons for Choosing Nanhai Airbag


Expertise–We focus exclusively on the design and the manufacture of the engineering rubber pontoons with more than 13 years of experiences in this field.

Quality–All our products are complied with industry recognized standards. You can work with our products and system solution services with confidence.

Service–We not only offer customer design and system solution services to meet special needs, but also provide on-site technical assistance. We are ready to respond whenever you need us.

Price–Our products are more economical at price than traditional underwater air lift bags by over 30% in terms of price per ton in buoyancy.

Warranty–All of our products are compliant with IMCA D 016 Rev. 3 - June 2007 guidelines and carry out a one-year warranty.


Do not put your projects at risk, trust and choose Nanhai Airbag.



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