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caisson moving airbag
caisson moving airbag

We have finished many successful caisson moving cases which make very important effect in the field of airbags applications. “Nanhai No.1” airbag is well known in the world because of  its good quality.

Major Strengths of Our Moving Airbags
● High safety level: safety coefficient more than 4.0, airbags all equipped with a safety valve.
● Good air tightness: pressure decreases less than 10% within 24 hours.
● Long lifespan guaranteed: airbags can be repeatedly used for more than 100 times under the condition of normal use.
● A complete set of solutions is available.

                                                                Nanhai No.1 airbags


3000t heavy caisson is moving with the help of 12 airbags





Airbag specification and performance
The bearing capacity at work pressure is calculated as follows:
Where: Q—Bearing capacity of airbag;
p--Work pressure of airbag;
S--Frontal projected area of contact surface.
The width, B, of the airbag’s contact with a heavy object or ground when the airbag is pressed to certain height, H, (See Fig. 7) can be calculated according to the following equation:

                                        Specifications Air-bags for Marine Use


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