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Ship launching airbag
Ship launching airbag

ship launching airbag
Ship Launching Airbags called marine airbags

 Nanhai Airbag is an excellent Marine Airbag Manufacturer. All ship launching airbags manufactured by  Nanhai Airbag approve ISO14409.Marine AirBags for ship launching  are used in tugboat or barges.

Ship launching airbags can be used to launch and upgrade a ship up to 100,000DWT. The "flexible launching techonology" makes this new ship launching method widely used all over the world.

Invented in China, the airbag technology has become widely used for ship launching, heavy lifting and moving, and buoyancy with superior advantages, such as significantly reducing cost (well over 30%) as well as being safe, easily adaptable to various harsh working environments, and environmentally friendly.
Comparing to the traditional slipway launching method, the ship launching airbags are much environmental, because ship launching airbags can launch a ship at any seaside, so there's no need to worry about the construction of luanching facilities; besides, the airbags need not too much maintenance and could be used repeatedly.

Major Strengths of Our Ship Launching Airbags
● High safety level: equipped with a reliable safety valve, our airbags can stand maximum pressure up to 4 times that of the operating pressure.
● Good air tightness: pressure decreases less than 10% for a period of 24 hours.
● Long lifespan: it is guaranteed that our airbags can sustain their designed operating pressure for 3 years.
● A complete set of solutions is available.       

Ship launching airbag structrue

Ship launching airbags

Normally when we say the length of the airbag,we mean the Effective Length.

marine airbag mouth

The inflated accessories(aibrag mouth are made of S316 stainless steel.The drag end is designed  to stand the whole weight of the airbag,and it is very convenient to be dragged by a crane.

Airbag specification and performance

ship launching airbag performance

Ship launching airbags in action


Ship upgrading airbags in action
 ship upgrading airbags                                                           



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