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cell fender

        Nanhai No.1 has been dedicated to furthering the applying of airbag technology, and foremost supplier of ship launching airbags, marine airbags, yokohama fender,pneumatic rubber fenders ,cell fender and cell rubber fender

  Cell fender is one of the most proven and reliable fender styles ever designed, and historically has been the most commonly used fender in the industry. It is unmatched in durability and reliability and has proven itself over decades of service.Cell Fenders of Nanhai NO.1 are available in the widest range of sizes of any fender type. The large mounting flanges serve to distribute the fender load over the back of the fender panel frame and allows easy installation of the mounting bolts.
     Cell Fenders developed in order to secure high energy absorption effectively, keeping reaction forces low, by applyingthree-dimensional extension when compressed, have been delivered to port facilities in various countries since the first supply in 2003.

     struture of cell fender:
struture of cell fender

features of  the cell fender

* Minimum reaction per ton-meter energy absorbed.
* Reduced shear force and hull pressure.
* Well proven and modular design
* High efficiency
* Multi directional dispersion of energy.
* Good angular performance
* Wide range and sizes
* High performance at angular berthing

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