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Cone fender
Cone fender

cone fender

       Cone Fender is typically utilized with a complete fender panel system, but can also be used within a pile supported system.

      Cone fender represents the most modern technology being offered in the fender industry today. Cone fenders have the highest energy to reaction ratios of any fender currently in use. The high efficiency of the fender allows for designs to incorporate smaller, less costly cone fenders in places that would otherwise require a larger, less efficient rubber body. The Cone Fender has a design deflection of 70% of its height and provides great flexibility in it's application to operators.

Cone Fenders Features:
1.Cone fender can endure server shear force
2.Structure is more reasonable and increased deflection, high-energy absorption and longer service life
3.Cone rubber fender has excellent life-stability in the Marine Environment.

Cone Fenders Applications :
 General cargo berths
 Bulk terminals
 Oil & LNG facilities
 Container berths
 RoRo and cruise terminals
 Monopiles and dolphins

Cone Fenders Performance :

cone  rubber fender

cone fender 1cone fender 2cone fender 3

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