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foam fenders
foam fenders

      In order to enable safe ship-to-ship and ship-to-quay berthing operations and meet the most stringent quality and performance demands, shandong Nanhai airbag manufactures foam fenders as an alternative to the standard pneumatic fenders, shock absorbers and marine fenders.

      Foam Fenders, all share the same manufacturing technology centered on a and an outer skin of reinforced. Foam fenders absorbs the impacts whilst the skin resists wear and tear in use any tough conditions, thus providing tough, heavy-duty marine fendering systems for harbors, offshore and ship-to-ship applications.

the key attributes of the foam fenders  :
1、High energy absorption and low reaction force
2、Conforms to hull protrusions
3、Ultra-tough, unsinkable design
4、Remains fully functional even if skin is punctured
5、Low maintenance
6、Easy installation

 the applications of the foam fenders :
*Cruise ships
*Container vessels
*Bulk cargo
*RoRo and ferries
*Oil and gas tankers
*General cargo
*Navy berths
*Ship-to-ship transfers

    foam filled fender   foam filled fenders 

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