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underwater rubber air lift bag application
underwater rubber air lift bag application

underwater rubber air lift bag application

Shandong Nanhai Airbag Engineering Co., Ltd. is the worldwide leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of engineering underwater lift bag. Our underwater lift bags are specified to meet the toughest challenges in commercial, scientific, and military applications. We can provide customers solutions and expertise for aircraft recovery, ship, yacht, and boat salvage, marine engineering, offshore oilfield project and other underwater construction tasks.


 Application of underwater air lifing bag

 Suitable for shallow water usage
 Suitable for long term use
 Military equipment buoyancy
 Bridge buoyancy supports
 Marine salvage and refloatation
 Extra buoyancy for pipe and cable float out operations

1.Underwater lift bag application in Pipeline Laying

The pipeline laying airabg can be used in different kinds of offshore construction field, such as oil & gas.

2. underwater rubber lift bag application in Cable Installation

The cable installation pontoon can be used for installing different kinds of offshore cable, such as electric cable and optical cable.

3.rubber air lift bag application in Floating equipment

Our rubber pontoon can also be used as pontoons for supporting bridges, floating platforms, dock gates and other floating structures.

underwater lift bag


underwater lift bag

Our Advantages of underwater lift bag:

· Large enough buoyancy/lift capacity, from 1-200 tons to meet different requirements .
· Good puncture and abrasion resistance.
· Internal aramid fiber material with outer rubber guaranteeing the good airtightness.
· Unique reticular noose preventing slip away in use.
· Durable, versatile and easy to use.

In addition, customized products for other offshore engineering projects are available on request.

underwater lift bag Quality Assurance:

· ISO9001:2008 by BV certificate.
· ISO 14001:2004 certificate and GB/T 28001-2011 certificate.
· CCS, ABS, GL certificate.
· Comply with IMCA D 016 Rev 3 - June 2007 guidelines.
· Equipped with all the necessary hardware and ready for immediate use.
· Pressure relief valve at the bottom avoiding over pressurization.
· Each pontoon is tested prior to shipping.

Why Nanhai NO. 1?

Expertise–We focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of engineering inflatables with decades of experience in the field. We know the challenges you face and can help you meet them.
Quality–Our products, including all components, are made by skilled craftsmen. Every product is tested prior to shipping to ensure reliable performance. You can work with our solutions with confidence.
• Service–We offer customer design and solution services to meet special needs and can also provide on-site guidance. We are ready to respond whenever you need us.
• Price–Our products are more economic than traditional underwater lift air bags by near half. We beat competitors on price and always beat them in quality and value.
• Warranty–All our products are compliant with IMCA D 016 Rev. 3 - June 2007 guidelines. All carry a one-year warranty.

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